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  • My first experience at Well Pathways was also my first acupuncture experience. My research had lead me to Dr Susan, and I have to say, I was most impressed. Her extensive knowledge in Chinese medicine, as it relates to our bodies, is quite refreshing and very intriguing when you are looking for help to try and heal your body and the doctors and tests come back negative. I felt a renewed sense of hope as this amazing person had so much to offer from a different perspective.

    I had no previous knowledge of the things she taught me about our bodies and how they really communicate to us, and respond very positively to her treatments.

    The first visit, I was experiencing an extreme burning pain (#8) in my right glutes or piriformis for several months, from what I believe to be a ripped or torn ligament, tendon, muscle, something!

    Dr Susan explained how things should be flowing in our body and what she would be doing and away we went.

    I am not afraid of needles but with that said, I've since had many sessions and never felt one uncomfortable pin prick. Never felt anything like a needle, you only feel a touch. Now, here's the best part. If I were not a believer in miracles before this session, then I would have become one when I got off the table after the session. I walked out of her office and about 80 feet COMPLETLY PAIN FREE. I was so overcome with emotion at the total pain relief that my knees went weak and I had to sit on the curb, which caused my issue to reactivate immediately. Go figure.

    I also decided to see Ms. Kelly Kapsar, fascia specialist. That was also my first experience, and wow.  If you don't know or understand fascia, you need to see Kelly.  Let's just say the sessions were, very productive. I did not understand the benefits my muscles would reap until I had fascia treatments. Definitely a valuable option for muscle, tendon, nerve issues. I had always thought fascia treatments were painful due to deep muscle manipulation but that is absolutely not the case with Kelly. Her gentle touch throughout the entire session was a little confusing at first, until my muscles started responding and the fascia started moving! I'm so thankful for the team at Well Pathways, they opened my eyes to other treatment options available to us that can and do bring pain relief and comfort.

    Thank you,

    Shelby V

    - Shelby V.
  • I'm feeling much better today, throat blockage is gone and rash is almost gone just some drainage and congestion. The silverstat worked better than the rx cream on the rash. Tell Paul thanks so much! I'm so grateful for both of you.

    - Abby
  • Since working with Paul, my home life has become more stable and I have been able to start mending those relationships.

    - Michael E.
  • Paul is so much more than a provider he is a mentor for a healthy lifestyle and spiritual living.

    - Monica C.
  • Paul impressed me with this vast amount of medical and hollistic knowledge. I was beyond impressed with his authenticity and personalization to my care.

    I am a drug addict and learned about Vivitrol while I was in treatment. The day before I was discharged I called Paul and made an appointment to have Vivitrol implemented in my recovery. My recovery has been extra rock solid knowing I have the protection of Vivitrol.

    - Jeff S.
  • I am a recovering addict. Vivitrol has given me an added safety net to help me become a normal and productive member of society. Paul has taken the time to get to know me. He's attentive to my needs and is always willing to try to accommodate them.

    - Jeff S.
  • I was a heroin addict for the past 7 years and have been to 5 treatment centers 3 sober living facilities and couldn't stop using. My mom found Paul Kapsar and I have been taking Vivitrol for the past year and have completely stopped using. Paul has impacted my life by being available and keeping me on track. Every month I get my injection he is easy to open up to and always wants to help.

    - Lindy
  • Paul's warmth and knowledge is so refreshing. Many areas of my life were affected by pain. I can now enjoy and engage with many more experiences for longer periods without worry that later I will be sore.

    - Robert
  • Paul impressed me with his sincerity, willingness to go above and beyond to help. I have been struggling with opioid addiction for 13+ years, Paul has helped me quit and ease the pain of withdrawal after I was ready. His expertise and care enabled me to continue to work and be there for my family even during the worst part of the withdrawal stage.

    - Chris
  • Paul's warmth and knowledge is so refreshing. Many areas of my life were affected by pain. I can now enjoy and engage with many more experiences for longer periods without worry that later I will be sore.

    - Anonymous
  • Paul has helped me get off medication that I have been on for years. I appreciated his kind and understanding approach to everything he knows.

    - Bailee
  • Paul saved my daughter's life.

    - Heather

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