7 Circle Healing

"Embark on a transformative journey with the 7 Circle Generational Healing program, a profound experience that explores into the intricate connections between your body, emotions, and the ancestral tapestry woven over generations.

Explore the depths of your being and discover how past traumas and generational patterns may be influencing your present. Through meditational healing, you'll forge a partnership with yourself and your ancestors, breaking free from negative patterns to create your best life.

Compassionately heal not only yourself but generations past and future, unraveling the threads of pain that have persisted for centuries.

Embrace the opportunity to liberate yourself and your ancestors and shape a collective healing journey that extends across time."

This six-week healing course has a focus of compassion, energetic connection and body-centered practices. Join me for 75-minute sessions once a week to journey towards healing and grace.

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  • Online - $97
  • VIP online $297, includes extra 45 minutes prior to group session with questions and more personal attention
  • In-person (limited to 8 participants) $297
  • One-on-one $620
    • 6 once-a-week 75 minute sessions, in person or online, available during regularly scheduled business hours.

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