NEXUS Letters for Veterans


What Is a Nexus Letter?

A nexus letter is written documentation prepared by a doctor or other medical professional that explains how a medical condition or illness is related to a person’s military service.

How a Nexus Letter Can Help You

A nexus letter can help substantiate a claim for benefits based on an injury or illness sustained while serving in the military. A nexus letter provides medical documentation necessary to identify the type and degree of illness or injury for which a veteran can receive benefits. Having a nexus letter can make the difference between having a disability claim approved or denied.

Information You Need to Provide at your Visit

You will need to provide information at your visit to complete the nexus letter. You need to provide details on:

  • When you served in the military
  • Where you served in the military
  • Injuries or illnesses you sustained while serving in the military
  • Information, reports, or names of individuals who can substantiate your claim
  • copies of your VA disability denial letter
  • A copy of your VA Blue button record on removable drive

Why You Should Choose Well Pathways for a Nexus Letter

Paul Kapsar APRN retired from the US ARMY Reserves as a healthcare provider with an extensive understanding of the traumas involved in being a member of the US military services. Paul understands the military settings, records, and acronyms of the military. He has been a long-time student of the mechanisms of injury and the impact those injuries have immediately and long-term on the body, mind, and spirit.

Tips on Writing a Strong Nexus Letter

A strong nexus letter should:

  • Be brief, focusing on facts and the doctor’s conclusions
  • State that the  provider has reviewed your entire VA file and medical records
  • State that the provider has recently examined you

Want To Know More About a Nexus Letter?

To find out more about a nexus letter and how it can help you, talk with the experts. Call Paul Kapsar, Kelly Kapsar, and Dr. Susan Wellman at Well Pathways in Las Vegas, NV. Call (725) 586-5060 or log on to the patient portal to self-schedule your appointment by clicking here.

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