Customized Herbal Treatment and Prescriptions

Chinese Herbal Medicine Through thousands of years of refinement, Chinese Herbal medicine has developed into a highly accurate and successful modality for numerous conditions and ailments, most likely including yours.

As a trained Chinese herbalist, I will design a customized herbal treatment specifically for you.

This herbal treatment may be further refined and altered as your condition improves to help you achieve maximum health and vitality.

What can be addressed with Chinese herbs?
Chinese herbs are not like pharmaceuticals - they are more like concentrated food. By adding the appropriate combination into your diet, profound changes can occur. We can address almost anything, from chronic pain, metabolic disorders, obesity, insomnia, menopausal symptoms, headaches, digestive complaints, and much, much more.

Are they safe? Absolutely! When herbs are prescribed by a highly-trained and credentialed herbalist, they are completely safe and effective. And they don't have the unwanted side effects that many pharmaceuticals have.

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