Collaborative Holistic Care

 When you want the opinion of various medical providers, you normally have to set various appointments at multiple locations on different dates. But what if you could get collaborative care that covers a range of medical needs while also incorporating holistic treatment methods in one convenient office? Learn more about collaborative holistic care and how it can benefit you and your family when you visit Kelly Kapsar, LMT, Susan Wellman, OMD, and Paul Kapsar, APRN, at Well Pathways in Las Vegas, NV.

Providing Collaborative Holistic Care

Well Pathways is a medical practice that provides collaborative holistic care by experts who use a combination of practical knowledge, timeless wisdom, and a healing touch to help patients. Their services include:

  • Western medicine (primary care).
  • Traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Body-centered cranio-sacral therapy.

The specialists at Well Pathways consult with each other on each patient’s unique case so that they can offer a complete and comprehensive approach to healing, pain management, and general health and well-being. These integrative services are not available at the average doctor’s office or from individual practices that may offer specialties.

As an example, Paul Kapsar, APRN, the nurse practitioner, might suggest lab work or imaging scans to help diagnose a patient’s needs. After a diagnosis of the issue, Kelly Kapsar, LMT, the massage therapy practitioner (bodyworker) may offer fascia release. Additionally, Susan Wellman, OMD, the Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner on staff may offer acupuncture and herbal medicine as a solution.

Treatment Options

These are some of the specific collaborative holistic care options available at Well Pathways in Las Vegas, NV:

  • Preventative (primary) care.
  • Acupuncture (a procedure that uses needles to activate the body’s natural sources of energy to promote healing).
  • Chinese herbal medicine and counseling for optimal nutrition.
  • CranioSacral Therapy (learning the body and potential sources of pain or illness through touch).
  • Grief therapy (including Long Distance Bodywork and the 7 Circle Healing Program).
  • The Sinclair Method (an alternative solution for alcohol abuse that makes patients disinterested in drinking and associated behaviors).

On the Path to Wellness

After you’ve tried more common routes to getting well and haven’t made much progress in your healing journey, it may be time to consider more holistic approaches. The team at Well Pathways is committed to helping you get on the path to wellness.

When you entrust your medical concerns and care to the team of holistic professionals at Well Pathways in Las Vegas, NV, you’ll have access to comprehensive and collaborative holistic care and treatment. Call (702) 586-5060 today to schedule an initial visit with Kelly Kapsar, LMT, Susan Wellman, OMD, and Paul Kapsar, APRN.

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