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What to Expect

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Consultation- A comprehensive consultation is meant to be your opportunity to tell your story to a professional who believes in a patient-centered practice.  From the moment you begin your initial consultation, sitting face to face with Paul Kapsar APRN, you will understand the depth of our approach and what “patient-centered” healthcare means.

In order to start off on the right track, we begin your first consultation with a review of your medical history and a physical examination.  After we have compiled a comprehensive health narrative, we begin to discuss your personalized, integrative care plan.

It is at this point that our partnership in your health begins. 

Wellness & Prevention - With Western practices as a base, we go beyond that with a Mind-Body-Spirit approach.  Preventative wellness services are based on an understanding of how malnutrition, lack of sleep, impaired detoxification and other stressors start the shift from health to symptoms of disease and pain.

Diagnosis - Because we listen to the person and not the symptom, Paul's thorough and quick diagnosis can lead you on an accelerated path to better health and together we will explore your goals and discuss treatment plan options.

Programs - Restorative wellness is science and human physiology, not pharmacology.   Science has already discovered the knowledge of the nutrients, and herbs already being used by gifted medical practitioners to truly restore health.  Packages of "care" are designed to be "all encompassing" which allows you to work alongside our professionals to become your best self. 

A primary care practice offering transparent pricing, convenient access, member benefits, wellness & prevention care and sick/urgent care

Well Pathways, LLC, an Integrative Innovative System of Health offering affordable monthly membership plans. This program is designed to provide patients new and established with access to quality and affordable integrative care. This integrative system of health fuses Western and Eastern philosophies to treat the whole person.

What does that mean? This 3-step process includes evaluation, care plan and follow-up which is uniquely designed for each patient. This process is utilized for all patients regardless of their initial symptoms for care. We have developed this process because we are passionate about helping people stay healthy, rather than needing to get healthy.


Convenient Access+
  • Easy access to your provider
  • Direct communication with your provider
  • Up to 30 minutes per visit
  • Single membership pricing, no copays, no insurance hassles, & transparent pricing
Member Benefits+
  • Savings on Vitamins & Supplements – Online 10%, In-Store 5%
  • Savings on Young Living Essential Oils – In-Store 5%
  • Savings on Lab Pricing
  • Group Education programs - Programs include catastrophic events, wellness, nutrition, meditation, etc. 
  • Peace of Mind
Wellness & Prevention+
  • Integrative Preventive Healthcare
    • Initial evaluation - obtain Full medical, Psychological, Emotional, Substance Use, and Environmental History, Basic Physical Examination (excludes gynecological exam)
    • Initial diagnostic labs
  • Focused Health, Self-Care and Lifestyle Education based on your evaluation
  • Chronic Disease Management – High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Etc
  • Sleep Evaluation & Berlin Questionnaire
Sick/Urgent Care+
  • Colds, Flus
  • Minor Sutures
  • Wound Care

Well Pathways, LLC


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