Grief and Grace

Many people are navigating changes in their relationships - deaths, departures and big changes in friend circles. Many are experiencing a change in health and well-being, work and finances, and a general sense of separation.

Our collective longing for connection and harmony, and the global events that disrupt that sense of belonging, contribute to the amplification of our personal and collective grief.

So far as I can tell, we are all grieving things that are no longer, or no longer seem possible.

Grace comes in when we can get to a place of accepting what is.

Experiencing my first loss at a young age shaped my commitment to validating and expressing authentic feelings. My healing journey involves self-reflection, extensive study on grief, trauma, connection, and body-centered-work.

Integrating our bodies into the process accelerates healing and brings us to a place of wholeness and grace.

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This six-week healing course has a focus of compassion, authentic expression, and body-centered practices. Join me for 75-minute sessions once a week to journey towards healing and grace.

  • Online - $97
  • VIP online $297, includes extra 45 minutes prior to group session with questions and more personal attention
  • In-person (limited to 8 participants) $297
  • One-on-one $620
    • 6 once-a-week 75-minute sessions, in person or online, available during regularly scheduled business hours.

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